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I'm pathetic....

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I need a hug. D:

Current Mood: sad sad

So, every time I've been going to sleep, I keep having nightmares. It's...really not cool. So I've been drinking lots of caffeine and staying awake. DD:

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I'm going to go put on Kimeru's music and try to see if that lessens the nightmares. Jya

Current Location: Work
Current Mood: exhausted exhausted
Current Music: PoT - Victory Road

I have been very busy lately.

And I really hate it, because I haven't gotten to see Kime. And that's upsetting me to the point where I can't sleep at night. I just keep thinking about him.

Maybe I should go home tonight, forget about work and just go home and be with him. I really need it.

D: I wish life didn't have to be so stressful!

Current Location: In my limo on my way home
Current Mood: stressed stressed
Current Music: The slow ticking of the clock

I miss you. D:

I hope you're doing okay.

Message me when you're feeling better, okay?

Current Mood: blank blank


A lot has been going on since I've been away. Been busy with stuff and all.

I'm going to be apearing in Kimeru's new music video, so that's exciting. :)

Yeah, that's about it really.
Wow, so much has happened while I've been away. o_o; Araki and Katou are together? That's really cute. I don't know either of them very well, but they look cute together. I saw them today on my stroll through the park.

Ummm, so yeah. Work has been hectic. I'm surprised I haven't died yet. It's so stressful. I just wanna go home and take a bubblebath. A nice long bubblebath. And then I wanna snuggle up with Kime and watch a movie or something.

I might be at the party tommorow. We'll see how everything goes with my job and such. And if they let me have the day off tommorow or whatever. Because I really want to go! It sounds like a lot of fun.

Well, I suppose that's it for my update! See you all~

Current Location: Work. -_-;
Current Mood: stressed stressed

Hey everyone.

I would just like to say, that I am the happiest man on the face of the planet.


Because Kimeru agreed to marry me.

That's right! Wedding bells are ringing.

I'm not sure when the date is, but EVERYONE is invited. ^_^

Kimeru, I love you. ♥ ♥ ♥

Current Location: Starbucks Coffee House
Current Mood: loved loved
Current Music: The soft music comming from the coffee shop

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So the moving people finally came and dropped off my stuff, but now I have to pay them to move everything to my Kime's house. :O

Kime, I miss you, and we'll be together soon, I promise. ♥
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Last night I went and saw Kimeru. I talked with him for a long time, and I think he felt better afterwards.

I spent the night over there, and then I just got up from a nap with him a few minutes ago. He looks so cute when he sleeps.

Current Location: In Kimeru's House
Current Mood: loved loved

Umm...yeah, just moved in a few minutes ago.

I wonder if there's anyone here that I know, besides Kimeru of course!

Current Mood: confused confused

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